Submission and review process

Journal of graphic engineering and design has a double blind review process. The review process is under the control of the Editor who ensures fair play and confidentiality and decides about the publication on the basis of the reviews. The topic specific reviewers are chosen by the Editor and Editorial Board and are contacted by the Editor. The reviewing process is limited to 30 working days and if the reviewer is not able to fulfill the time limit the Editor can change the reviewer.

The reviewers have the duties of contributing with high standards of scientific objectivity and promptness and confidentiality. The reviewer is also responsible to point out potential problems in publishing ethics, especially in cases of (suspected) duplicate submission or plagiarism. Editor can also perform a plagiarism check as a final control process.

The authors with it submission has the responsibility of providing novelty an original scientific or professional paper with reporting standards, data access, acknowledgment of used sources and fair authorship of paper. Also authors are responsible to correct fundamental errors if they are noted by the reviewers or the editor. The authors after receiving the reviews sent by the Editor have 30 working days to correct the eventual mistakes or to reformat the paper according to journal style guide. When authors send their corrected version it is expected to note the made corrections in accompanying letter. The authors retain author rights (proprietary rights, distribute copied for internal use, to use the material for lecture) and to make derivate publications based on paper for works dated subsequent of the official date of publication in the Journal of graphic engineering and design. As JGED is and open access journal and by publishing the research papers authors transfer the copyright for the specific published version of paper and JGED is publishing it according to the open access policy. All authors will receive a printed copy of the journal (on additional request co authors can also get copies).